Have a Gift to Revamp Summer Learning!

Here are some fun and free vacation-themed learning activities from Smile and Learn!

As the school year comes to an end and the summer break commences, it’s time for exciting adventures and new discoveries. While the summer break offers an opportunity for relaxation and fun, it’s important to keep our children’s minds active through engaging educational activities. We’re here to highlight the importance of summer learning and provide you with a range of exciting resources we offer to make this season a time of growth and exploration.

Foreign Language - Summer Clothes

Learn the names and differences of summer and winter clothes in Spanish or English with this fun video. Afterwards, match the name of each article with pictures of the clothes.

These activities are great to expand your child’s vocabulary in Spanish and English. 

Math - Subtraction

Reviewing math can be fun with Smile and Learn!  

This is a visually-appealing activity where students can complete subtraction equations to help a dragonfly cross a river.

Science - Discover the World

Travel the world from the comfort of your own home! 

With these videos kids will learn about the world, ecosystems and animals on the beach!

Emotions - Identify Complex Emotions

Here’s a chance for students to practice socializing and improve their emotional intelligence!

Match facial expressions with the name of the expression.


Learn to digitally paint beautiful flowers or practice visuo-spatial coordination by assembling a puzzle that forms summer flowers. 

And how about preparing a refreshing tropical milkshake?

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Smile and Learn is perfect for students to practice content learned over the school year during the summer without feeling like they’re doing work.

The Smile and Learn app comes with pre-made learning paths created by our education team. By following the paths children can continue developing different competencies by grade level. Children also have the option to choose their own activities by subject from our catalog of thousands.

We invite you to use these activities however you wish to ward off Summer Brain Drain and prepare students to learn more efficiently than ever when school recommences.