What is a linguistic repertoire and how can we leverage it in the classroom? 

A linguistic repertoire refers to the set of vocabulary, expressions and grammatical structures that a person uses to express themselves. It is a term used in language teaching and bilingual education literature to refer to the resources and skills that learners draw from to communicate in a second language. 

A person’s linguistic repertoire is diverse, and includes both native languages and languages learned in school or elsewhere. A speaker will have different levels of proficiency and different uses for each language in their repertoire. In multilingual children, the skills they acquire may vary depending on whether they learned it at home, school or another context. 

It is important to keep in mind that linguistic repertoires are not static and are constantly developing. Language skills can improve over time, but can also decrease if the speaker stops using them.

The goal of bilingual teaching is to equally stimulate all facets of a language: grammar, vocabulary, morphology, phonetics, semantics, and so on. Mastering these allows us to understand and produce spoken and written language, both in our native language and those we learn later on.

In other blog posts we have talked about the benefits of bilingual education for students, like improved attention span, better protection against cognitive decline in adulthood, better career prospects in the future, and improved critical thinking skills.

How can Smile and Learn support teaching in a bilingual context? 

Students are able to learn languages immersively while studying other subjects thus developing general reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. 

You as the teacher can create and assign personalized learning plans in different languages to your students. In addition to traditional language learning content, they can broaden their horizons in the target language through material on topics such as world history, culture, recipes and much more. 

In addition, on our platform you can find Phonics, vocabulary and story videos in English and Spanish. Likewise, you can find reading comprehension activities and dictations to promote written expression in the classroom.

If you haven’t tried our educational platform yet, you can do so through the following link.

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