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The Importance of Arts Education

16 de April de 2024

Yesterday, Monday, April 15, we celebrated World Art Day, a day established to promote the

Is The Science of Reading enough for emergent bilinguals?

16 de April de 2024

A few weeks ago we blogged about The Science of Reading. This body of research

World Autism Awareness Day

8 de April de 2024

Surely you know someone with autism close to you, but you may not know it

Constructing my Multilingual Perspective

3 de April de 2024

For a while language was something that I didn’t understand because my entire environment was

What is a linguistic repertoire and how can we leverage it in the classroom? 

26 de March de 2024

A linguistic repertoire refers to the set of vocabulary, expressions and grammatical structures that a

The Science of Reading – How to implement it in the clasroom

26 de February de 2024

Today we want to offer some tips for implementing The Science of Reading in the classroom.

The Science of Reading

7 de February de 2024

This month we are diving headfirst into the captivating world of the Science of Reading…

Latest Trends in Education

23 de January de 2024

In recent years, education has…

Augmented reality: benefits in education

20 de December de 2023

As we talked about in this post, Information and Communication…

Benefits of AI in education

5 de December de 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the combination …

Building confidence through reinforcing bilingualism

7 de November de 2023

Growing up, my life was divided. I was ‘Maria’ in school…

Tips to help children work on pragmatics 

25 de October de 2023

Some time ago we touched upon pragmatics…

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