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Digital Responsibility

25 de May de 2023

The internet has become an indispensable tool in our lives. Today’s children are growing up

The Benefits of Riddles in Education

25 de May de 2023

Riddles are a very useful educational tool for children…

Visual aids in the classroom

25 de May de 2023

People learn in many different ways…

Music: an ally in the classroom

25 de May de 2023

Last week we told you on…

21st Century Skills

25 de May de 2023

Education has undergone significant…

The Impact of Technology in Education

25 de May de 2023

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)…

Study techniques for children

24 de May de 2023

Study techniques are those learning strategies…

Inclusive education

22 de March de 2023

Inclusive education is the model of education that pursues equity among all students, i.e., it

Programming: an essential skill in the digital age

21 de March de 2023

Programming is a skill…

The importance of caring for the oceans

14 de March de 2023

On March 15, the next…

Sustainable Development Goals

7 de March de 2023

In 2015 it was approved…

Advantages of audio stories

21 de February de 2023

That reading brings many…