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By Guadalupe Montero, Director of Inclusive Education at Smile and Learn.


Many people need specialized resources to be able to access information and technological tools to interact with their environment, for example, people with Cerebral Palsy with a significant limitation of their mobility.

The way to improve this accessibility is the use of what are called technical aids, i.e. devices that allow the use of computers and tablets in a way that is adapted to personal skills.


Eye-Tracking System

The most recent technical aid, whose use is becoming more widespread, is the eye-tracking system. Devices that employ this technology track the person’s gaze on the screen allowing the interaction of the person with the computer or tablet.

The use of Eye-Tracking systems is mainly applied in the implementation of Augmentative Communication Systems, thus helping users to better relate to their social circle. When using these devices at school age, it is necessary to have compatible digital content, such as Smile and Learn, that contributes to improve learning, thus allowing access to quality education.

Learning to use an Eye-Tracking system requires learning and training to achieve a smooth and functional use. In the first few moments, it will be easier to move and click on large elements. Subsequently, it will be possible to increase the precision on smaller elements and finally to learn dragging techniques on the screen with the latest devices.


Smile and Learn, an inclusive platform

At Smile and Learn we want to facilitate access to our educational content to all children who use Eye-Tracking devices such as Irisbond, and that is why we have created specific learning paths that group, in a categorized and accessible way, all the resources compatible with gaze interaction in a simple level that only requires touch to operate.

Want to know what else we do to make our platform inclusive for everyone?


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