Bilingual education

In recent years, schools have been incorporating more and more subjects in English into their programs, and the bilingual model is becoming a highly demanded option. There are multiple benefits to children having access to curriculum content in more than one language, and many go well beyond knowing how to master a foreign language when we go on vacation. Do you want to know some of these benefits?

  • Better career prospects. In a globalized society, the mastery of a second language, especially an international one such as English, is a requirement increasingly demanded by companies.
  • Protects the brain from deterioration. Speaking two or more languages exponentially increases cognitive reserve, i.e., the brain’s ability to resist any deterioration such as dementia.
  • Improves attention span. Children have a harder time paying attention and sustaining it over time, however, there are studies that seem to show that those who speak two languages tend to pay more attention to the functioning of the language.
  • Encourages critical thinking. The knowledge of several languages helps children automatically learn to compare the meaning of words and cultural uses in both languages, so they learn to develop critical thinking skills and broaden their horizons.

At Smile and Learn we have both curricular and extracurricular content in seven languages, making it the perfect platform for bilingual education. If you haven’t tried our educational platform yet, you can do it for free by filling out the following form this form.


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