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Bilingual learning with Smile and Learn

Activities Designed for Language Acquisition from Pre-K to 6th Grade

360º Language Immersion Tool

Students will be able to learn at their own pace and in a very fun way with adapted games and stories.

Bilingual education in the real world

Students will learn languages in an immersive way, at the same time as they study other subjects. Our platform contains all the curricular content, as well as basic competencies and other 21st century skills such as emotions or yoga.


Curricular content for learning in two languages.


Development of reading, listening, writing and oral communication skills.

Cognitive learning

Activities that reinforce attention, memory and problem-solving skills.


Topics covering world history, routines, recipes and much more.

Contenido diseñado para la Educación bilingüe

  • Contenido diseñado para la educación bilingüe
  • Con soporte visual, pictogramas y audio
  • Nivel de dificultad personalizable al ritmo del alumnado
  • Contenido curricular para la adquisición de idiomas en todas las áreas educativas
  • Vídeos, juegos, cuentos y puzzles que aumentan la motivación del alumnado
  • El mismo contenido está disponible en español e inglés
  • Contenido multicultural para aprender más sobre otras culturas

Education resources

We make sure teachers have the resources they need to get the most out of Smile and Learn in the classroom.

Bilingual Learning Pathways

Assigns content aligned to curriculum standards

Analysis and reporting

Monitor progress and create usage reports


We teach you how to use Smile and Learn in the classroom.

Educational resources

Content catalog, didactic guides and video tutorials


Millions of children
learn with us





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