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4 de October de 2023

If you know a little about us…

How to teach addition and subtraction to children

3 de October de 2023

As we have explained in our previous post…

How to develop literacy in children

26 de September de 2023

Literacy is a fundamental ability in the development…

Tips for Teaching Math: Multiplication and Division

22 de September de 2023

Teaching multiplication and division can be a challenge…

Activities for the Beginning of the School Year

14 de September de 2023

Now that the school year has begun…

How to Promote Camaraderie in the Classroom

5 de September de 2023

The new school year opens the door to…

Environmental Education in the Classroom

1 de August de 2023

Environmental education aims to…

Customizable Platforms: The Key to 21st Century Education

18 de July de 2023

One of the advantages that technology brings…

Sustainable Digitization

11 de July de 2023

Sustainable digitization in education is an…


4 de July de 2023

At Smile and Learn we have talked several…

Summer activities

21 de June de 2023

As the school year comes to…

The benefits of teaching robotics to children 

13 de June de 2023

Nowadays, more and more schools are…

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