Inclusive quality education

Today, December 3, is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, with the aim of improving the visibility of people with disabilities and raising awareness of the importance of building a more inclusive, accessible and sustainable world. This purpose is especially relevant after the appearance in our lives of COVID-19 and the strong impact it has had on the education of children and young people around the world.

At Smile and Learn we take student diversity into account when designing our educational content, thus ensuring that the right to accessible, quality education is available to all, regardless of cognitive, physical or sensory abilities and skills.

To this end, we incorporate different accessibility options in our platform:

  • Pictograms to improve the understanding of the contents.
  • Quiet game mode to eliminate the time limit on activities.
  • Different typographies to favor reading.
  • Selection of difficulty levels in the activities for a better personal adjustment.

In addition, we continue our commitment to innovation through our Breaking Barriers project, with which we want to go even further by incorporating improvements that facilitate access to devices and the creation of specific learning paths that allow the development of specific competencies in students with educational support needs.

Through this initiative, we contribute to the achievement of a more inclusive quality education and the improvement of educational competencies, thus aligning ourselves with Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education.

Guadalupe Montero

Director of Special Educational Needs at Smile and Learn

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