International Education Day

Education is the basis for a just and egalitarian society, for the development of each individual and a fundamental human right. It is also a collective responsibility. Given its importance, a few years ago the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) declared January 24 as International Education Day.

Education is constantly evolving. There are more and more pedagogical trends that are committed to inclusive, participatory and personalized teaching. The future of children is in our hands, so the Smile and Learn team has asked the following question: what are the keys that will reimagine education for future generations?

  • Increased student participation in activities: with more interactive content
  • Increased customization to the needs and interests of each student
  • Encourage creativity and critical thinking in students.
  • Emphasis on competencies
  • Facilitate the development of learning situations that allow putting into practice what has been learned, integrating skills and knowledge from different sources.
  • Reinforcement of 21st century skills (emotions, programming …. )
  • Truly inclusive education
  • Reinventing classrooms as more dynamic spaces.
  • Effective implementation of new technologies: digitalization, teacher training, infrastructure, etc.
  • Preparing students to become conscious and responsible citizens: environmentally aware, willing to collaborate with others, mentor others, share experiences…

What about you? Would you add any more keys? If you haven’t tried our educational platform yet, you can do it for free by filling out the following form this form.


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