Programming: an essential skill in the digital age

Programming is an essential essential skill in the digital era in which we live. It is one of the tools The company’s most important tools for solving problems and creating solutions in a variety of fields, from technology to medicine to engineering. Today, it is one of the most demanded subjects in schools around the world, although it is not yet part of the school curriculum in many of them. For this reason, it is fundamental that children learn to program from an early age. early age using resources adapted to them.


What is programming?


Programming is the language of language of technology and machineswas created by human beings in order to make machines understand us and do what we want them to do. It has different languages, i.e. different ways of giving commands to the machines. Through these languages we can write codes, combining words and symbols, which will form commands. In short, programming is the process of creating a set of instructions that tell a computer how to perform a specific task. set of instructions that tell a computer how to perform a specific task..

Learning to program means learning how to write these instructions in a programming language. This requires logical thinking skills y mathematical thinking skillsand mathematical thinking skills, and also involves the capacity to analyze y solve problems. But that’s not all: programming improves the creativity and develops the ability to think in a more rational rational way.


Why is it important for children to learn to program?


There are many reasons why it is important for children to learn to program. Here are some key reasons:

  • Promotes problem-solving problem solving. As children learn to program, they develop skills to analyze problems and think of creative solutions.
  • Encourages creativity. Programming is a form of creative expression. Children can use their imagination to create applications, games and programs that are useful and fun.
  • Helps to understand how technologies work. As children learn to program, they begin to understand how the technologies they use every day work.
  • Improves mathematical math skills. Programming is a practical way to apply math skills, as they have to create algorithms with them.

Nowadays, kids can learn to program thanks to a variety of tools and resources. At
Smile and Learn
we have several programming games adapted
for the little ones.
In them, they will be able to choose difficulty and learn various programming principles, such as block programming. In addition, in our YouTube we have numerous videos talking about programming and some practical examples. If you haven’t tried our educational platform yet, you can do it for free by filling out the following form this form.

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