Smile and Learn I: Hearing

It’s a summer day and Samuel’s mom is installing Smile and Learn on her tablet. At his school they use it daily and he believes it can be a very useful tool for family leisure afternoons:

  • (Samuel’s mom): Mmmm… It seems very easy to install it, but… Do I have to register or log in? I’m going to see if you put something in the “Help” section… Go! I can send them an email explaining my question! Well, I don’t think I’ll get an answer on the spot… Still, I like the direct approach. I am going to write…

…15 minutes later…

  • (Samuel’s Mom): New message received from the Smile and Learn support team! I can’t believe they were so fast… This I have to tell!

…Meanwhile in the Smile and Learn family…

  • (Jesús, support team): From here, we try to transmit security and confidence to our customers, in record time, like a pizza delivery man delivering solutions. We look for the whys and wherefores of each incident to turn them into the pillars of our growth. Always with a smile on his face, a smile you can see even if he is sitting behind a computer and is a seal.


If you have any doubts or questions about how Smile and Learn works, send an email to:

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