The importance of rest

The Christmas vacations are just around the corner and it is a good time to remember that, while it is true that children need to keep exercising their brains so as not to forget the knowledge acquired in class, it is also a good time to remember that, if it is true that children need to keep exercising their brains so as not to forget the knowledge acquired in class, it is also it is essential that they take time to rest.

Rest is a natural manifestation of the human body. Just as it needs movement, it also needs periods in which its activity decreases. When we move, the body uses up nutrients that it then has to recover. Rest is a basic need for everyone, but for children it is even more vital as it is part of their development, not only physically, but also psychologically. The brain finishes processing everything it learns while resting; if it spends all day overstimulated, it will have a hard time assimilating the information, so it is important not to overload children with homework or chores.

When we talk about rest, first of all we talk about a correct sleep routine. The number of hours a child should sleep each night varies according to age, but the average is between eight and eleven hours approximately. Lack of sleep, especially when it becomes a habit, can hinder children’s growth and have long-term negative consequences: poor school performance, mood deterioration, poor reflexes, stress, etc.

As explained above, the brain consumes a lot of energy and nutrients during the day that it then has to recover. However, resting is not just sleeping. It can also be to engage in more relaxed activities such as reading a story, sitting in the garden or having a relaxed conversation with the family. But be careful, resting can also be dancing, yoga, a fun sport, singing or playing in the park… In short, fun activities that do not involve a great mental effort. Therefore, although it is true that during the vacations children usually have more free time that they can take advantage of to rest, it is advisable that they not only have free time during these vacations, but also during the school year.

Acquiring a rest routine will be fundamental for the correct development of the little ones. Acquiring it at an early age will make it easier for the habit to be maintained over time. At a time when mental health has deteriorated somewhat over the past few years, it is important that children learn that not only is it necessary to work, but that taking a break along the way is also necessary and good for them.

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