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Positive reinforcement

27 de December de 2022

Educating the little ones in the…

The importance of rest

20 de December de 2022

Christmas vacations are just around the corner…

Teaching values

13 de December de 2022

Values are the principles or virtues…

Activities for the long weekend

7 de December de 2022

The month of December is…

SIMO 2022

29 de November de 2022

Technology, learning and fun have become one…

Healthy eating

15 de November de 2022

A good nutrition in the infantile stage…

Children’s self-esteem

8 de November de 2022

The word self-esteem comes from “auto” and…

Science for kids

25 de October de 2022

Children are curious by nature, they are…

Reading comprehension

18 de October de 2022

This year, the Spanish Association of…

Benefits of yoga

10 de October de 2022

This year, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics…

Access by look

6 de October de 2022

By Guadalupe Montero, Director of Inclusive Education at Smile and Learn.   Many people need

Work on emotions

5 de October de 2022

Did you know that children can develop their…