Development of children’s creativity

Creativity is the ability to solve problems in the most effective and coherent way. It is very important to develop it at an early age so that children can learn to adapt to new situations and circumstances. It also involves using your imagination to do new and different things. Creativity is not only related to art but to many other disciplines.

Here are some activities for them to develop their creativity:

  • Stories. They are one of the most effective ways to develop creativity in children. Reading a variety of bedtime stories or creating stories where the characters and events vary as they wish is a fun way to spark their imagination.
  • Drawing. Allow the children to capture on a sheet of paper everything that comes out of their mind, letting their imagination take control and express what is inside them. Those who have highly developed this ability can spend hours and hours painting.
  • Word games. Include tongue twisters, riddles and other games such as “Veo Veo” to improve their speaking fluency, convey ideas and knowledge in a unique and original way.
  • Learning new languages. Learning a new language does not have to be difficult and boring, there are numerous ways to make it engaging. One of them is to watch his favorite cartoons in that language.

At Smile and Learn, we have a unique and exclusive educational platform for children from 3 to 12 years old, which offers numerous activities and interactive games so they can develop their creativity. If you have not yet tried our educational platform, you can do it for free by filling out this form.
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