Eating habits

Working on healthy eating habits from childhood is fundamental for the future of children. It is recommended that children eat several meals a day: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. They should also avoid large amounts of sugar, salt and processed foods. Can all these tips be turned into habits by working on them at the educational center? We know that education is a shared task between family and school, so we leave you some tips to address this issue in the classroom.

  1. Help them understand the food groups: the food pyramid is a good resource for children to understand the difference between the food groups and how often they should eat them in order to have a healthy diet.
  2. How about shopping? Not for real, but as a game. You can draw different foods, organize them in the classroom as if it were a supermarket and decide together what healthy shopping would look like.
  3. Recommended meals: some centers have policies regarding the diet of their students, including the snacks they bring from home. This is done in most cases by choosing a type of food for each day of the week (Monday: dairy products Tuesday: fruit…etc.).
  4. Food inspection! This is a fun activity that will turn the kids into inspectors for a day. Together choose several labels of commonly consumed foods and analyze their ingredients, letting them look at which ones are natural or artificial, how much sugar or salt they include, etc.
  5. Stories about food: children’s literature is full of topics and this one could not be less. There are stories related to the importance of a healthy diet. Our story Ana goes to the supermarket is an example.

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