Encouraging curiosity

Curiosity is very important for the development of children. After all, it is the engine that drives them to discover everything that is unknown to them. That is why, among other things, it is so common for them to ask thousands of questions about issues that may go completely unnoticed in adulthood.

Although this curiosity may sometimes seem insatiable, it is very positive and it is highly recommended to keep feeding it. This will encourage them to learn about the world around them, awaken their excitement to learn new things and stimulate them to improve their skills.

What can we, both families and teachers, do to encourage this curiosity? We share three tips with you:

  • We encourage you to answer their questions. It is true that sometimes a large number of questions can be overwhelming, but we encourage you to try to answer them and avoid formulas such as “just because”. Listening carefully and answering their questions is the best way to encourage them to keep doing it. Moreover, it can be very enriching for adults as well: you will see how from time to time you will surprise yourself by rethinking questions you took for granted.
  • Quiz games. It is an excellent didactic strategy to foster creativity and curiosity in equal parts. The family can start a round of questions about meteorological phenomena or any other topic that interests them. You will discover that you don’t have all the answers either, but that’s the fun part! Once formulated, both children and adults must try to find the solution that seems most coherent and then, together, look for the correct answer. See how they surprise you!
  • Learning while having fun. Nowadays there are multiple resources available to the little ones, so there are multiple options to feed their desire to learn in a fun way. From books, with which they can approach all kinds of topics … to fully interactive platforms such as Smile and Learn, which has hundreds of videos, audiobooks with which to unleash their curiosity. In it, they can find a myriad of topics to learn about while having a great time.

Curiosity is the key that opens the doors of knowledge for the little ones. Working with them on this skill is fundamental for their development and learning.

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