From Smile and Learn we wish you a Happy Holiday!

Summer has arrived, and with it comes an invaluable opportunity for students to recharge their batteries, explore new activities, and of course, continue learning. We’re here to offer a few fun and creative ways to do so. We also wish you, our hardworking educators, students, and families, a happy summer. Have an unforgettable education with Smile and Learn!

Summer vacation isn’t just a time to rest. It’s also the ideal time to cultivate interests, discover new passions, and strengthen skills that might not be developed in the classroom. Whether through camps, outdoor activities, reading, or home projects, learning doesn’t stop when the last day of school arrives.

Here are some suggestions for activities to do with the little ones during the summer:

1. Summer reading club

Boosting reading during the summer is a wonderful way to keep learning actively! A book club can include friends or family members, making reading a group activity. Spend some time this summer discussing your favorite reads to encourage the little ones to discover new stories!

2. Visits to museums and historical sites

Visiting museums, science centers, and historical sites can be a fascinating way to learn about history, science, and culture. Taking guided tours of museums in your city and participating in workshops and interactive activities while you visit is a perfect way to engage children in the visit and deepen their cultural knowledge. 

At the end of the visit you can ask the kids to explain a work or a monument of the city they have visited. By doing so you encourage them to reflect and share what they have learned, promoting the improvement of their communication skills.

3. Creative writing exercises

Whether it’s writing a diary or letting their imagination run wild to create their own stories, summer is the perfect time for little writers to develop their creative writing skills while having fun and relaxing. We suggest they write letters to their favorite fictional characters from books, movies or series to practice writing on a topic that excites them.

4. Awaken their curiosity with Smile and Learn

Summer is also a time to explore technology. Smile and Learn is the perfect use of these moments of exploration. Children can continue learning and reviewing curricular content in a safe space without advertisements or social media. Smile and Learn’s achievement system will also motivate them to learn. By completing our learning challenges kids can earn rewards to improve their village.

Summer vacation is a time of discovery and growth. By incorporating educational activities into their routines we can help children maintain their curiosity and concentration. Then, they will not only enjoy an unforgettable summer, but also be better prepared for the upcoming school year.

If you haven’t tried our educational platform yet, you can do so through the following link.

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