Inclusive education with Smile and Learn

Students will be able to learn at their own pace and in a fun way with adapted games and stories.

Ideal for serving students with special educational needs

Accessibility routes

Includes options to facilitate access, whether motor, cognitive or sensory.


A unique experience that adapts to the specific needs of each student.

Specific content

To reinforce especially important areas such as routines, emotions or cognitive abilities.

Personalization of learning

Customize to cater for diversity

Smile and Learn allows a wide range of customization options to adapt the experience to different circumstances and learner needs. On the one hand, to facilitate reading, it is possible to choose the font (bold, uppercase, standard or Open Dyslexic) and to opt for pictogram support. In addition, in some collections you can choose to play with drawings or photographs.

In addition, the teacher can indicate if the student has any special educational needs and easily modify the default settings. It will also be possible to define the level of difficulty chosen for each person or directly activate the quiet game mode that eliminates the time limits of the activities that have it, thus providing a relaxed game experience with more time to think and execute the answers.

Excellent Feedback

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