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Social skills

As social beings, humans interact and develop a large part of our social and interpersonal relationships in groups. Therefore, it is essential to work on our social skills. This will help us to have healthy and satisfying relationships, and will also allow us to function in society in the best possible way.

The role of schools in this socialization process is decisive, especially at an early age, when people are more susceptible to reinforcing the behaviors they observe in their elders. At the educational level, social skills can be taught and learned.

Here are some tips for you to apply with your students:

  • Expand your vocabulary. One of the reasons for misunderstandings is the lack of ability to communicate clearly, often caused by a lack of vocabulary. Teaching children to talk about their emotions in the right way can help them avoid frustration and know how to express their needs.
  • Encouraging dialogue. Try to get students to establish a dialogue with the others so that they can express themselves freely and build their own discourse. The more the dialogue develops, the better the discourse will be.
  • Encourage interaction. Students should be facilitated to interact with all types of people in order to develop broad social skills.
  • Be honest. Children want to be treated with respect, to feel listened to and understood by adults. Here the role of teachers is decisive, they have to encourage active listening and empathy.
  • Be an example. It is very important to remember that we are an example for the little ones, and that everything we say or do will have a significant influence on their behavior.

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