The importance of caring for the oceans


On March 15, the World Seal Day will be celebrated World Seal Day. Seals are marine animals belonging to the group of mammals that usually live in the cold areas of Antarctica. But did you know that, in addition, seals are also animals highly intelligent? Seals have proven to be the smartest marine animal after the dolphin. They are capable of learn tricks very quickly and are very curiousThey tend to approach objects or humans to explore. Unfortunately, due to indiscriminate hunting, they are in danger of extinction, but thanks to initiatives such as that of the UN there is more and more awareness about caring for the planet and everything that surrounds us.

Last Sunday, March 5
the UN reached a historic agreement
for the preservation of the high seas or, in other words, the sea surface beyond the nations and beyond the jurisdiction. These waters account for 30% of the ocean, so their protection is guaranteed for the year 2030.

The agreement is based on a pledge by all those countries that make up the UN to establish marine protected areas. marine protected areas and opens the door to facilitate future agreements to to safeguard biodiversity of the seas and oceans. One of the objectives of this agreement is to prevent the extinction of some animals, including seals.


Why is it so important to take care of the oceans?


The oceans contain 97% of the earth’s water and cover 71% of the earth’s surface. They are fundamental in the regulation of the Earth’s climate, in addition to being part of the production cycle of some necessary nutrients such as nitrogen and oxygen. In short, thanks to the oceans the planet is a habitable place.

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