Activities for the long weekend

December is a month when the kids tend to spend a lot of time at home. It gets dark early, it’s cold, the vacations are coming and important dates such as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve are approaching. It is a time of reunion when families take the opportunity to get together and spend time together. And while it is true that children should rest, it can also be a good time to reinforce the knowledge they acquire in the classroom.

Here are some activities that you can do to make the most of these days with your family:

  • Yoga. Yoga has numerous benefits for children. It helps to improve self-esteem, strengthens muscles, relaxes the body and teaches correct breathing. Starting the day with one or more stretches will help children face the day with energy. The position of
    The dog
    help reposition the back and help children stretch the vertebrae.

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  • Stories. Reading stories to children from an early age helps foster their imagination and improves their reading comprehension. In addition, these dates can be used for children to learn values such as the sense of responsibility, how to share or help others. Some stories such as

    The anthill


    The dragon of Aguazul

    combine learning with entertainment.

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  • Cooking. In December, it is common to have several family meals together. Why don’t we let the children help us in the kitchen? Cooking as a family can be a good opportunity to chat for a while and teach children the importance of a healthy diet. healthy and balanced diet. If your child has no previous cooking experience, it is best to start with a simple recipe to avoid danger and frustration. A fruit smoothie may be the ideal choice.

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  • Languages. With so much time away from the classroom, children are more likely to put language learning on the back burner. It is important to integrate the language into the children’s daily routine in order to ensure that the knowledge they have acquired is established and that they do not lose practice. Watching movies, reading adapted stories or watching videos are activities that can be done as a family and that will help the little ones to keep their ears open during these days off. A good idea may be to watch a movie or tell him a story that he already knows and has read in Spanish, in another language, so that he learns the differences and new vocabulary, as in the case of

    Snow White




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  • Games. Play is fundamental to children’s development. In addition to reducing stress, it is the perfect excuse for parents and children to spend time together while having fun. Playing as a family allows for bonding and connects children with adults. In addition, as with the previous cases, it creates a safe space that encourages conversation and where children can share their emotions and thoughts.

In Smile and Learn you have these and more activities for you to spend this long weekend with your family learning and playing. If you haven’t tried our educational platform yet, you can do it for free by filling out the following form this form.

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