Back to school

After a long and well-deserved summer break, schools reopen their doors and welcome a new academic year. As the children return to the classroom with their batteries recharged, teachers are preparing to offer a quality education. These are intense days for teachers: updating their syllabi, planning schedules, organizing the dynamics of the classes…

But the first few days, besides being hectic, are crucial for creating bonds with the students and motivating them to get involved in the classes. For this reason, we have come up with five useful tips for teachers:

  1. Introduce yourself. Telling what your hobbies are, how you spent your summer or a personal story can strengthen the relationship with your students.
  2. Get to know your students. Bet on games or dynamics in which students introduce themselves and talk about their hobbies. It is a very simple way to break the ice between them and, incidentally, it will help you get to know them better.
  3. It works on emotional education. It is a good idea to work on it in a cross-cutting manner throughout the course. During these first days, it may be interesting to offer to talk to them about how they feel at the beginning of the new school year so that, little by little, they will understand that they can express their emotions without feeling judged. It is a very useful way to encourage active listening and empathy towards peers.
  4. Create different spaces in the classroom. Organize the classroom into different spaces, one for reading, one for technology and one for problem solving.
  5. Encourages curiosity. Dedicate some time in class to awaken their curiosity about a specific topic in which the children can participate and ask questions openly.

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