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Christmas stories with values

In addition to being a wonderful gift as an alternative or complement to toys, children’s stories are an excellent resource for working on different things in the classroom. The month of December is a perfect time to take advantage of the hundreds of Christmas stories and adventures, which in addition to talking about the holidays, usually emphasize fundamental values such as the importance of sharing or the love for family and friends. We thought we would leave you a small list of our stories as a recommendation for you to continue learning and having fun in class during these last days of the school year.

  • The Nutcracker: our adaptation of this classic of universal culture features a toy that comes to life. This story is also a visual and fun journey that will teach children to judge things for what they really are and not for what they appear to be.
  • A wish for Christmas: in this story, Javi, our squirrel, will teach children the importance of family.
  • Oscuro and Dorothea: although not a Christmas story, this adventure is great for working on the concept of friendship.
  • Seeds: another classic that focuses on the value of effort and perseverance.
  • El hormiguero: with the help of the ants Pampi and Hercules, the kids will discover the importance of telling the truth.

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