Creativity is a practical skill that anyone can develop throughout their lives, we are all potentially creative to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the habits and stimuli we receive every day. In this sense, creativity is also key to the development of modern societies, as it drives people to change the way they think and see the world in order to find solutions to the challenges they face at work or at home.

Here are some ideas to encourage creativity in the classroom:

  • Ask open-ended questions. Do not limit yourself to giving them theoretical information that they must repeat, as this will only prevent them from developing their creativity adequately. Ask them questions such as “What would you do if…? do you think if…? and give them space to respond in their own way.
  • Change roles. They will have to take on the role of the teacher for a day, they will have to be in charge of transmitting the knowledge to the rest and find a creative way to do it. Give them the opportunity to choose the format they like best (song, game or video) to show what they have learned.
  • It enhances individual talent. Ask each of your students the area in which they feel most comfortable and make sure they make the most of that talent.
  • Use technology. Take advantage of technological devices to create more dynamic classes and to exploit the creativity and digital skills of students. Propose activities each week and upload them to a blog so that everyone has access to them.

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