Customizable Platforms: The Key to 21st Century Education

One of the advantages that technology brings to education is the possibility of personalizing learning material. A few months ago we shared why it is important for students to receive an education adapted to their needs; and today we will discuss why the Smile and Learn platform is a great ally in the classroom thanks to its personalization features.

Nowadays, more and more studies affirm that the introduction of ICT in education favors learning. According to the Impact Report: Building Capacity for Personalized Learning and More published by Education Elements in the United States, students who participated in a personalized learning program using ICT improved in subjects such as math, technology and reading.

Thanks to the creation of individualized learning paths, the use of goal-based calendars, and the monitoring of student progress, digital platforms have become one of the most widely used tools by teachers both inside and outside the classroom.

UNESCO’s training module, Personalized Learning, highlights ICT as a key factor and states that “new technologies have created numerous opportunities for personalized learning”. 

Smile and Learn is an inclusive platform that aims to ensure that all its content can be enjoyed equally by all children. To this end, we rely on three fundamental pillars: platform accessibility, personalization options, and specific content. 

When it comes to personalization, Smile and Learn knows that no two people are alike. Therefore, meeting the specific needs of each student is key to ensure that no one gets left behind. A specific example of this on our platform is the option to  choose the font type. In our most recent version we have incorporated the Open Dyslexic typeface. You can also opt for pictogram support in some of our reading collections and we have others where you can choose between playing with drawings or photos. Likewise, we have a wide array of content to choose from depending on your students’ personal interests.

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