Environmental Education Day

January 26th is celebrated as Environmental Education Day. The subject, already introduced in the programs of kindergarten and primary school, aims to work with children on how to improve care for the environment. At Smile and Learn we have made a short list of activities that can serve as inspiration for you to deal with this topic.

  • Activities on water care: not wasting water and giving it the importance it has as a resource is something that can be worked on from different points of view in the classroom. Examples include building the water cycle with play dough, or collecting rainwater and using it for activities such as watering classroom plants.
  • Waste activities: recycling education can be promoted at school as well as at home. Placing different color-coded trash cans will help children identify different types of waste.
  • Ecosystem activities: in which ecosystem do these animals live? Creating small contests to identify the characteristics of different ecosystems can be both educational and fun.
  • Activities on responsible consumption: Make lists of materials such as paper or plastic that children use in their daily lives and help them identify how they can reduce their use.
  • Activities on renewable energies: the challenge is to make children aware of the effects that non-renewable energies have on the planet. Identify some examples and work out how the use of renewable energy would improve the effects.

At Smile and Learn we have hundreds of activities and videos dedicated to the environment and its care. Green City”, “Water saving”, “Recycling” or “Responsible consumption” are just a few examples. If you haven’t tried our application yet, you can do it for free by filling out the following form
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