How to Avoid Summer Brain Drain

The days are getting longer and students and teachers have summer vacation on the horizon. In today’s post we’re going to delve into the impact that the summer vacation period can have on students’ learning and academic development.

“Summer brain drain” (also known as “summer slide”) is when students lose some of the learning and skills acquired during the school year due to the lack of educational activities during the summer.

This learning loss especially affects math and reading skills, and tends to be more pronounced in students from low-income backgrounds, who may have less access to educational activities during the summer.

To mitigate this effect, we recommend that students spend time reviewing the content they learned during the school year and practice reading or other activities that stimulate their minds during summer vacation.

Here are some valuable tips for families and educators interested in how to take advantage of the summer months to continue learning:

  • Create a study schedule: Establishing a regular study schedule during the summer can help keep the mind active and engaged. Set aside a specific time each day to review key concepts, do reinforcement activities in weaker subjects, or explore new topics related to what was learned during the school year. But we can’t forget that summer is also for fun and new experiences, so study time shouldn’t be a burden on a child.
  • Participate in educational activities: Take advantage of the summer to encourage students to participate in educational activities that interest them, such as workshops, theme camps or visits to museums. These experiences will not only allow them to continue learning, but will also give them the opportunity to explore new areas of knowledge.
  • Apply what they have learned in everyday life: Look for opportunities to apply the concepts and skills acquired during the school year to everyday situations. You can do this with children through hands-on projects, word games, problem-solving activities, or in everyday situations such as shopping or helping with chores at home.
  • Maintain reading habits: Reading is a great way to keep the mind active and enrich vocabulary. During the summer, establish the habit of regularly reading books, comics or magazines on topics of interest. This will help children maintain and expand their knowledge while enjoying their free time.

How to keep learning in the summer with Smile and Learn?

Smile and Learn is a great option to review curricular content during the summer while playing and having fun. During the summer vacation, it is normal for children to want to use digital devices. Why not take advantage of Smile and Learn’s fun, safe, ad-free environment with offline capabilities in these times?

Smile and Learn comes with pre-made learning paths created by our education team. With these paths children can review different school subjects by grade level with limited distractions.

Incorporate these strategies into your summer routine, and you can avoid “Summer Brain Drain” and help children maintain a sharp and engaged mind throughout the year. But remmeber, the most important things during the summer are: have fun, explore and learn!

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