How to Promote Camaraderie in the Classroom

The new school year opens the door to endless opportunities for personal growth, learning and, of course, building meaningful relationships. For teachers, this moment marks the beginning of a journey in which fostering class spirit and friendship play a pivotal role. In today’s blog post we offer some ideas for harnessing the back-to-school energy and promoting camaraderie in the classroom:

  • Give a warm welcome. Doing fun and dynamic activities allows students to get to know each other better. Introductory games, icebreakers and fun questions can help kids share their interests and learn about their classmates.
  • Collaborative projects. Doing projects encourages students to work together. For example, creating a themed mural, a group story or even a problem solving mission. This will help children understand the importance of teamwork and build friendships.
  • Social and emotional learning activities. Empathy and caring for each other can be fostered from day one through many activities. Students can share something special about themselves or perform small acts of kindness for their classmates, such as exchanging friendly notes or helping with classroom tasks.
  • Artistic and creative projects. You can organize creative activities where children have to work together to produce art, music or drama. These shared experiences will help them appreciate and respect the unique abilities of their peers.
  • Collaborative online games. Games promote collaboration and communication. Relay games, scavenger hunts and team building activities can be done indoors, but there are also interactive online games. For example, challenges such as connect 4 or trivia games can spark connections and a good laugh as children work together to achieve common goals.

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The new school year is an ideal opportunity to create a tone of camaraderie and collaboration in the classroom. At Smile and Learn we have numerous activities that children can do together from storytelling to drawing tutorials, challenges such as discovering the different flags, and relaxation exercises. If you haven’t tried our educational platform yet, you can do so for free by filling out this form.

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