Music can be your best educational ally

On International Jazz Day, we celebrate a musical form that transcends borders and enriches cultural dialogue. This artistic expression, recognized by UNESCO in 2011, has incredible educational value, facilitating exchange and cooperation at a global level.

Music, with its innate power to thrill, connect and express, is a great ally in the learning process. In this article, we explore the relationship between music and learning, discovering how this art not only enriches our lives, but also boosts our ability to effectively absorb and retain information.

It is important to differentiate music education from the use of music as a learning resource. Both are equally relevant to the overall development of students. Music education focuses on the understanding and appreciation of music, ranging from instrumental and vocal practice to theory, history, composition and improvisation. This discipline is taught in diverse settings, such as schools, conservatories, private music schools or even self-taught learning, reaching people of all ages and levels of ability.

In addition to cultivating specific musical skills, music education encourages the development of cognitive, social and emotional capacities, promoting creativity, collaboration and self-expression. This discipline is a fundamental component of educational curriculum, bringing children closer to art and culture.

Beyond music education, music is a valuable tool for reinforcing learning in other subjects. In preschool and kindergarten classrooms, songs facilitate oral expression, improving pronunciation and learning new vocabulary and grammatical structures.

In addition, songs are an effective resource for facilitating language learning and memorization. An effective children’s song has a close relationship between music and lyrics which in turn allows for easy and natural memorization.

In addition to singing, taking advantage of fun and relaxed moments in the classroom, such dancing, promotes the development of body expression, motor skills and coordination. Through music, we can create a positive and joyful environment in the classroom, improving our students’ self-esteem.

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