Smile and Learn II: The Heart

It is 10:30 in the morning and Samuel is in math class. Today they are studying the topic of fractions and, for this, the teacher has given them a tablet with Smile and Learn installed. To learn how fractions work, there is an application that explains the concept of fractions and encourages practice with fun activities.

  • (Samuel): This fraction has a very high numerator… Surely it’s bigger than this one!
  • (Teacher): Samuel, when you saw the whole pizza with two slices, it was a whole pizza, wasn’t it?
  • (Samuel): Yes! But 8/10… That’s got to be a lot of pizza!
  • (Teacher): Do you think so? If the pizza is divided into 10 slices and you eat 8… Are you eating the whole pizza?
  • (Samuel): Oops… I think for dinner I prefer 2/2 pizza…

In education we work as a team with the objective of creating content that is both didactic and fun at the same time. It is key that the proposed activities have several parts: a more theoretical one, in which we explain the concept and an interactive one in which the students learn as they do. All accompanied by a touch of fun, which makes the activity motivating for our children. It is more than proven that with emotion, you learn more and better, and we seek that goal in each of our activities.

In education we coordinate the entire production process: first we outline our idea and define the content, then we look at the best game mechanics with programming, and in the meantime, we coordinate with the art team so that the illustrations are ideal for each activity and age group. The process ends with the translators and testing of the final product.

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