Solidarity in the classroom

The teaching of values is a fundamental function of educational centers. Within the curriculum, values are treated in a global manner: the school is a social agent whose responsibility is to train the citizens of the future. In particular, solidarity teaches students to live with others, to share and work as a team, respecting differences and avoiding individualism. But the little ones are not born with solidarity, here are some ideas to work on solidarity in the classroom:

  • Working on empathy: empathy helps us to better understand each other’s feelings and to face problems from different points of view. A concrete idea to work on it is to create a chest or box of feelings, where children can anonymously introduce notes explaining how they feel in order to comment on them as a group.
  • Group activities: playing sports, cooking, collaborative activities…team games promote interaction, patience and understanding.
  • Discovering the world: understanding other cultures and their customs is a first step to avoiding racist behavior that separates us instead of bringing us closer to others. There are many materials for this purpose: stories, songs, short films, etc., although a simple illustrated map can also be used to explore cultures other than our own and to comment on their differences.
  • Solidarity stories: there are many stories about solidarity that can be read and discussed in the classroom. In Smile and Learn we have a category called Stories with values where you can find adventures that work on different concepts related to solidarity.

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