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Sports for boys and girls

Sport brings enormous benefits to children both physically and mentally, as well as improving social relations and promoting important values such as willpower, struggle and responsibility. In addition, if practiced in a team, it is much better because it fosters relationships with others and helps to accept victories and defeats. The influence of teachers and families is crucial for them to integrate sport into their lives in a positive way. Encouraging the habit of sports in children from an early age guarantees a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Here are some benefits:

  • Physical and mental development. Sport considerably favors the physical and mental growth of children, as it helps them become more aware of their bodies and improves their capacity for self-control. They develop skills such as flexibility, coordination, endurance and balance.
  • Reduces stress. Children who practice sports on a regular basis are more likely to combat stress in any situation and physical activities also improve their level of concentration and academic performance.
  • Promotes teamwork. Doing any physical activity together with a group of people teaches children that the involvement of team members is important in order to succeed and achieve victory.
  • Increases self-esteem. Overcoming obstacles gives children the self-confidence to face other challenges. When they are recognized for a job well done, their self-esteem increases considerably.
  • They value effort. Sport almost innately encourages effort to achieve short- and long-term results. Children learn that effort is the basis for achieving any goal.
  • The creation of habits. The practice of physical exercise implies the creation of new healthy habits.
  • Prevents health problems. Those who practice sports strengthen their immune system and prevent obesity.

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