Study techniques for children

Study techniques are learning strategies that seek to achieve the best results in the classroom through the developing of different skills. The objective is more the optimization of results and not so much the memorization of the content. These strategies range from using media, games, and cognitive techniques to better understand and retain the content. It is important to note that there is no universal study technique; each child is unique and will need the method that best suits their needs.

Some study techniques are:

  • Listen to audiobooks or podcasts to improve pronunciation and enrich language. Not only are they useful because some students understand the message better, but thanks to them skills such as phonemic awareness, morphology or syntax can be developed. In addition, audiobooks and podcasts  can be a great ally for students with special needs or for those who have greater difficulty when it comes to memorizing content.
  • Using songs to learn the alphabet or numbers. Learning letters or numbers is essential in the early stages of development of children. Since this can be somewhat of a complicated task, it is a good idea to use songs that children can sing along with to internalize the learning.
  • Flashcards and games are a great way to practice vocabulary words and academic terms to prepare children for a test. Flashcards can be used in partner and group settings to promote a collaborative learning experience. Games like bingo and trivia  are another excellent way to promote knowledge retention and encourage children to practice concepts. 
  • Let them read aloud the topics they are learning and then ask them to explain what they have understood. This helps children retain the knowledge better because they translate the understanding into their own words. Challenge them by asking them to provide an example or an experience that relates to the topic being taught.   
  • Use videos that complement learning. Take advantage of the power of images and sound, which facilitates the development of imagination and improves the attention span of children. For example, if children are learning a new language, videos include aspects such as accents or native expressions that are sometimes not possible to teach in the classroom.

YouTube video

Smile and Learn is an educational platform that  supports different study techniques. We have several YouTube channels in different languages ​​so that children can learn a second language easily and effectively. In addition, you will find a variety of games and videos in curricular subjects like mathematics or language arts to extracurricular skills such as emotional intelligence. Our goal is for children to learn at their own pace and therefore we offer personalized education that serves to reinforce content that is taught in the classroom. If you have not yet tried Smile and Learn, you can do so for free by filling out this form.

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