Success story CEE María Corredentora

Since 2016, CEE María Corredentora has worked side by side with the Smile and Learn app team, an experience based on learning seen from the game and new technologies, in our case, PDI, computer and iPad.

The Smile and Learn app has opened a window to personalized teaching that is adapted to the learning needs, individually focused on the students and their level of curricular competence in each and every one of the intelligences that we work on at the Center.

Based on a joint work sequence with the teacher in charge of the classroom, we review the contents of each subject with the videos that this app offers, and then, we carry out the activities as a game, always according to the level of curricular competence of the students. Thanks to Smile and Learn, we can individually plan and create work sessions for learners to navigate autonomously, as it avoids excessive stimuli and facilitates manageability with the use of visual and auditory aids. In addition to this, we can see individually the evaluation part, thus being able to improve the strengths of the students and the most difficult contents to continue working on them.

In short, the use of this wonderful app allows us to give a 360 degree turnaround to the development of learning in the classroom, using the game in class through new technologies, our students enjoy the most of lessons and review of each and every one of the subjects worked.

José Carlos Cabello de Alba Fernández
ICT Coordinator CEE María Corredentora

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