The benefits of teaching robotics to children 

Nowadays, more and more schools are introducing robotics as an additional curricular subject. In countries such as Germany and Finland, it is part of the compulsory subjects that students must learn during their first years of education. Robotics is included in the so-called STEM educational fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which encompasses science-related skills and is also growing rapidly in popularity.

Currently, 20% of jobs are based on STEM-related fields. Educational robotics is considered one of the best ways to introduce children to information technology. In addition, it helps develop numerous skills such as:

  • Teamwork. Group challenges can be posed to encourage collaboration among students.
  • Improves memory and concentration. Most children know what a robot is, making it a concept that can be very interesting to them. Proposing the construction of one or understanding how it works will keep their attention and curiosity active.
  • Encourages critical thinking. Through abstract concepts such as mathematical operations or programming, a tangible and real product is created, helping conceptualize what has been learned.
  • Encourages creativity. The construction of the robot can be customized in many different ways, which gives rise to imagination and allows each student to contribute his or her own vision.
  • Improves visual and spatial perception. Spatial vision improves motor and physical skills, as well as helping in subjects such as geometry or problem solving.
  • Familiarizes students to programming. Nowadays programming is one of the most demanded skills in this digital era which we live in.

How to implement robotics in the classroom 

Robotics can be introduced in the classroom in different ways. The main idea is to have a clear objective to work on and then structure the students, time, and the activities accordingly. It is important that the subject is integrated naturally into the classroom. To achieve this, robotics can be part of other STEM subjects such as Technology. It is best to teach robotics based on the project-based learning model. If the work is divided into small tasks and weekly objectives that students can accomplish little by little, it will be easier to get them interested in the topic at hand. Above all, make it fun! That way, teaching will be enjoyable and children will learn with a smile on their faces.

YouTube video

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