Tik Tok in education

Working on reading without forgetting the other communicative skills is vital if we want our students to be competent. For this reason, we always approach class tasks in a globalized manner. The neuropsychological processes involved in learning are closely related to reading processes, which include decoding and comprehension processes. To become proficient readers, students must be able to extract specific information and, in addition, grasp the general meaning of the text and distinguish primary from secondary ideas. They must also be able to interpret the text; and finally, they must be able to reflect and give their opinion on its content and form. It is therefore essential to work on reading BEFORE starting to read, DURING and AFTER.

In this first post I am going to focus on one task BEFORE to start reading and that can be very motivating for your students. Taking advantage of the fact that 90% of my 6th grade students used the social network TIK TOK, even in private, I invited them to record a video that we called #Tikbooktuber where in no more than 30 seconds they would present their chosen book to their classmates. Of course, we do not share the videos without authorization on the network as many have it private. It also helps us to reflect on the proper use of social networks.

Reading processes can be activated in different ways, not only by asking students the right questions but also by proposing appropriate actions. At the moment BEFORE starting to read, it is important to activate the interest in the chosen title, to create expectations, to get them excited about the book. One way to motivate them in class can be the #Tikbooktuber. In this video you can see an example of my proposal.

Esteban Gabriel Santana Cabrera

Primary School Teacher CEIP EN ARUCAS

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