Working on self-esteem

Love begins with knowing how to love oneself. Giving children the tools to love and respect themselves is complex but it will help them a lot in their future life. Here are some keys and ideas to work on self-esteem in the classroom:

  • Dynamics to promote self-esteem: well-known games such as the magic jar (where children can enter notes explaining how they feel) or the hot seat (where everyone sits down and lets their classmates tell them a positive quality) are classics for a reason: they always work.
  • Motivate: it is important to encourage children and help them to tolerate their frustrations. Tell your students when they do things right, always remember positive reinforcement.
  • It promotes self-knowledge: we are all the same but different. Learning to know oneself is fundamental to be at ease with oneself and, therefore, with others.
  • Talk to the family: this is a fundamental step in general, the people responsible for the education of children are both parents and educators and therefore must work as a team.
  • Avoid labels: nobody is just one thing or another, we are complex and nuanced. Our character is made up of millions of factors and experiences, so it is important to avoid labels.

At Smile and Learn we have believed since our inception in the importance of fostering students’ self-esteem, so we have many activities and videos that promote motivation, self-esteem and self-knowledge. Want to know more? send an email to to request a free trial user.

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