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Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day is an opportunity to come together in solidarity to celebrate the diversity of perspectives, creativity and the essence of all human beings. To thrive in a world without discrimination is to see each other as equals and to base our relationships on respect. It all starts with children and education.

Four out of 10 students are taught in languages they do not understand, resulting in more than 250 million students worldwide not getting the education they should. The implications are endless: higher dropout and repetition rates, reduced enrollment in higher education or social exclusion. Students who have difficulty with the language in which they are taught may be discouraged from participating and taking part in educational life. However, students themselves have incredible potential to shape our world with their thinking, their stories and their cultural intelligence. Zero discrimination means not only providing equal opportunities, but also creating a better world.

Smile and Learn enables a multilingual learning environment. Through our interactive and engaging platform, where children can access thousands of activities and games, teachers can track progress and see recommendations to guide the learning process. Empowering children and educators alike, Smile and Learn celebrates Zero Discrimination Day for a world full of diverse voices and perspectives.

Prince Harwinder

Smile and Learn